Can I have a payment plan for fees?

Yes, you can have a payment plan for fees.  All you need to do is to contact the Hawks Treasurer at treasurer@hawksicehockey.com.au  at the start of the season, to work out a suitable plan that works for your individual situation.

Do players get equal ice time?

In general, the Club works towards players having equal ice time.  There are situations that may arise, where this may not always be the case and if that is the case, please talk with the Team Manager. Each coach would need to discuss with their team and decide if they are going to penalty kills and power plays, which does have an impact on ice time.

How do I make a complaint without going through the Team Manager or Coach?

The Club has a Junior and a Senior Representative.  They would be the first point.  After that, the Club has a Member Protection Information Officer who can assist as a mediator in resolution of any arising issues.  The MPIO is contactable if you don’t feel comfortable approaching the Team Manager or Coach directly.  mpio@hawksicehockey.com.au

How do I contact members of the Hawks Committee?

Each member of the committee has an email account.  These will be posted on the Hawks Members Only page.  Generally, it is the position name and then @hawksicehockey.com.au.

Do we get proper training for scoring and time keeping?

We are very lucky at the Club to have great volunteers who can assist with teaching timekeeping and scoring.  If you feel you are unable to do either, please let your team manager know.  There is a list of club members who can stand in, and for a small fee, do the time keeping or scoring for you, that is entirely a private agreement between the team and the person stepping in and timekeeping/scoring.

Do we need to pay for jersey’s and team socks?

At this moment in time, all jerseys are provided by the Club, unless a team decides to get their own.  The Team Socks can, and need to be, purchased from the MySkate Pro Shop.

Does the club do any fundraising to assist with fees?

There have been previous fundraising activities that have taken place, however currently there are none planned.  The Club is going to have a Fundraising Coordinator to assist with fundraising, grants and sponsorships.  Funds may be funneled into fees, or other training or development opportunities for the club.

How do I become a Coach?

If you are interested in becoming a Coach, please seek information from the Coaching Director at coaching@hawksicehockey.com.au . Each year, IHWA runs a coaching courses to enable players to become accredited coaches.  Minimum age for coaching is 18, as per IHA directives.

How do I become a Referee and is there a minimum age?

Each year, there is a Referee course run for players who are interested in becoming a referee.  The course is run by IHWA.  To start with you become a Linesman and then work up to game ref.  In WA minimum age is 15, or 14 with the requirement of having had 2 years playing experience and/or state representation.  Referee’s do get paid by IHWA.

How do I know when I am ready to start playing ice hockey with the Club?

If you have been going through the Cockburn Ice Arena programs, your name will be put forward to the Hawks Club.  Otherwise, if coming from elsewhere, each player is assessed to determine elements like skating ability, hockey IQ and stick handling in order to best fit the individual player to the correct team and division.  Speed of play is also an important element in determining ability level and ‘fit’ in a team.

How do we know what the penalties are?

Coaches will explain the different penalties and penalty calls.  There are generally a few penalties which are quite common, so over a short amount of time, players do become familiar with these calls.  There is a vast array of information available on the internet in relation to penalty calls and signals.

Does the Club have any secondhand gear available to loan out?

No. At club level, players are expected to supply their own protective gear and equipment as per the IIHF rules.

Secondhand equipment can usually be purchased through Facebook pages such as Ice WA Buy and Sell.

Do the juniors pay a different amount to the seniors?

Not usually. All fees for the Hawks Ice Hockey Club are carefully considered, taking into account a number of factors.  Fees are determined by ice costs, both for training and for games, if teams are using half ice for training or full ice, if players are FIFO or Goalies, if teams are training teams or non-training teams, and these are just a few of the factors taken into account.  Also considered is the number of players on a team, a ‘core’ number of players determines if a team is financially viable or not.  All  Clubs are fairly close in fee structure and amount.

Do goalies get a discount on fees?

Goalies do get a discount on fees.  Also, so do Coaches.  Again, this is worked out on a pro-rata basis and each case is considered as presented.

What am I paying for with the IHA and IHWA registration fees?

When you pay the IHA and IHWA registration fee, you are paying for Insurance, Referee costs, and Membership fees to IHA and IHWA

How do I get to play in State Tournaments?

There are State Tournaments for the following brackets:

  • Peewee’s (13U) – Ginsberg (mixed)
  • Bantam’s (15U) – DeFris (mixed)
  • Midget ‘s (18U) – Tange (male players, female goalies allowed)
  • Junior League (21U) – AIJHL (ie Perth Sharks)
  • Senior (Open) – Brown
  • Senior League – AIHL (Perth Thunder)
  • AWIHL – Perth Inferno (female only)
  • AWIHL Tier 2 – WA Blaze (female only)
  • OHAN- the more mature aged players

All teams are selected through a Tryout selection process.  All clubs are notified when and where tryouts are being held.  All players must be registered through IHWA and IHA in order to be able to play and players that are required too, must have an ITC current.

What is an ERP?

An ERP is part of the Eligibility Review Panel/Process.  An ERP form is required for a junior player to play out of the players age division.  Coaches need to nominate players and sign off on players leaving to play for another team as well as the new coaches to sign off on new players joining the new team of each division as required.  Players then undergo an assessment and may or may not be approved.  This process starts and ends with the coaches, it is not parent driven.

How long has the Hawks Club been around?

The Cockburn Hawks Ice Hockey Club has been a club for over 20 years, and Cockburn Ice Arena has been their home ice.  As with any sporting club, the numbers ebb and flow each year.  It is the Cockburn Hawks position to be inclusive and allow players to play and enjoy the game they love.

Does the Club cater for FIFO/DIDO work rosters?

Yes, the Hawks does cater for this type of work situation.  Proof of FIFO/DIDO roster is required and then fees are rebated at seasons end to accommodate the individual player.  All requests go through the Treasurer and each one is based on the individual’s situation.

What age can my child start playing ice hockey?

Each child develops at their own pace, both physically, mentally and emotionally.  At this moment in time, the Hawks does have players as young as 7 playing in the 11U.  The lowest age category is 8U, however until the numbers in this age group increase, these kids play in the 11U division. 

How are Team Managers selected?

In  2019, Team Managers were selected by the coaches of each team.  Information was posted for anyone interested to fill in an Expression of Interest and from there, coaches were given these to select their own team managers.  It is a close relationship, and essential that the Coach and Team Manager communicate and support each other.

Do you have to train?

Yes, there is a ‘no-train, no play’ policy, especially in the juniors.  The Club asks that parents and/or players let their team managers know if unable to attend training.  Essentially, at senior level, most teams train.  If there is a team, who by majority do not want to train, the option is available to be a playing team only.  That is not to say that members of that team who wish to train are unable to.  Where possible, if players who are in a play only team and wish to train, they may do so with another team and will be charged the appropriate fee.

Who do you go to if you want to volunteer?

The Club operates on the support and commitment of volunteers.  At the AGM positions vacant are asked to be filled by vote.  If an individual wishes to volunteer, they can email the Secretary and express their interest.  There is always a lot to do and volunteers are welcomed.

Does the Club have merchandise available?

Presently the Club has no merchandise available.  It is on the committee’s agenda to look at merchandise and that would include supporter jerseys.  There are many options out there and it is a case of finding the best fit for the Club.

Do you have to, or is there off-ice training?

Presently, that is individual or team decision.  If there was someone who would be willing to run off-ice sessions that could include a wide age range, then that is something the Club would look at. 

What is an ITC, and do I need one?

An ITC is an International Transfer Card.  This is required of all overseas born players who are playing in the IHWA designated league – Premier League.  It is also required for all overseas born players who achieve state level team selection, AIHL, AJIHL, AWIHL and Tier 2 Women’s League.  All overseas born juniors must also apply for one.  An ITC is required if a player is born in another country and plays in Australia.  It does not take into account citizenship; it is the country of birth.  All junior ITC are free at this stage.  If a player has never played in their country of birth it is also free.  Otherwise, fees may apply and are charged at IHA and Country Transferring level.