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Learn to Skate

The CIA Learn To Skate course is the first step in your ice hockey journey. The program focuses on correct skating techniques starting from basic moves such as glides, stops, swizzles and dips, and progresses up to more demanding elements such as jumps and spins. Find out more information about the Learn to Skate program

Fast Track Your Way to Ice Hockey

It is important to have ice skating skills before trying your hand at ice hockey, so for the most part, we would recommend attending our Learn to Skate program and passing Intermediate 3 before enrolling in our Learn to Play Ice Hockey program. Find out more about the Ice Hockey Fast Track program

Learn to Play ice Hockey

This program is designed to build on the skills learnt in the Learn To Skate program and teach skills specifically needed for ice hockey players. Skaters who have achieved a minimum pass in "Intermediate 3" in the Learn To Skate program are welcome to join the Learn to play Ice hockey clinic. Find out more about the Learn to Play Ice Hockey program

For information on how to join these programs please call Cockburn Ice Arena on 9434-4066.

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