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This is done on a referral basis where the clinic coaches will assess players and if they think you are ready to play in a team they will recommend you to the Hawks Ice Hockey club. The club Secretary or registrar will contact you and advise you to come to a couple of training sessions or if at the beginning of the season our tryouts.

The Hawks team coaches have the final say if a clinic player is ready to join a team. They will advise the player along with the clubs coaching coordinator and Secretary/Registrar accordingly if you are successful.

Below are the skills you will have to work on to improve to get to a playing level and what the Hawks club coaches will be looking for when you try out:

  1. A good basic hockey position
  2. Forward Skating with or without the puck
  3. Skating backwards
  4. Being able to stop skating in all directions
  5. Forward cross overs in both directions
  6. Tight turns in both directions
  7. Basic Passing – Forehand and Backhand
  8. Shooting skills – a good attempt at a shot

It is important that you understand that skating is the most important skill in the game – if you can’t skate, you can’t get to the puck. The coaches are not going to test you on these skills, but they will be able to tell when they watch. If you can perform the basics then you are able to fine tune them in team trainings.

If you are of Bantam/Midget age, you will be required to know how to correctly Body Check (skating skills for this are of utmost importance).

To sum it up, work hard on your skills so you can play hockey!!!